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A Few Reminders and Championship Update

Wow, we are very close to the end of the season (where has the time gone?) – so please read these few important notes.

All golfers are encouraged to play the next 3 weeks even if you don’t have enough qualifying rounds to play in the championship tournament.  Sign up in the non-championship category and don’t worry about how many names you see or don’t see on the sign-up, everyone can play who wants to, the tournament chair will take care of placing you.  Click here  if you have not yet signed up and want to do so.

If you are not sure how many rounds you have completed and whether or not you qualify, click this link and it will take you to the report that shows you how many rounds you have.  You must have 12 to compete in the tournament.

Tournament contests this year (long drive, closest to pin, most accurate drive) will be handled a little differently than in the past.  There will be a different contest each week and all flights will compete on the same day.  There will be 3 placards each week on the contest hole, so KNOW YOUR FLIGHT and write your name on the correct one.   This change enables players who can only participate in 2 of the 3 weeks an opportunity to participate in 2 of the 3 contests.  Check the flight list to see your flight by clicking here.  These contests are only for those who qualify to play in the tournament.  If you are a non-tournament player simply play the hole and ignore the placards.

For tournament players NO LIFT CLEAN AND PLACE and NO DOUBLE PAR PICK-UP, golfers must play out the entire hole.  Non tournament players may lift, clean, place on the fairway and must use double par pick-up rule.

Questions about the championship tournament or non-championship play?  Email

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Invitation to Oct 20 Shotgun – Crofton Country Club

If you are not among those going to Penn National on the 20th you might be interested in playing this tournament.  GWGA member, Candy Cage, invites everyone to participate.  Proceeds will benefit Elizabeth Seton High School, they are raising money for a new track and turf field.  If you have questions you can contact Candy at  For a flyer giving details about the event, click here: Seton Golf Tri Fold revised


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Eligibility to play in Championship – New Link

Please delete the previous email, same subject, this one has a link that works – sorry!

To find out how many rounds of golf you have played with GWGA this season, click the link below to open the report. The column titled “this year” shows the number of rounds you have played as of today, August 21. As described in Lucinda’s email earlier this week, By Thursday, September 25, the first day of the tournament, you must have played 12 rounds of golf with our league. Therefore you have 4 more league days before the tournament begins. If you have any questions contact Lucinda.

Click here to view the report.

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