2015 Championship Results

Before you review the results, please be aware that a golfer can only win one championship tournament award. The purpose of that policy is not to usurp recognition from the true winners, rather the purpose is to ensure that one person does not walk away with all the money.

The awards for which a person can only win one include:

Club Champion
Low Net Champion
Flight Champions
Low Putts

  • The contests (closest to pin/long drive) are not included, so a member can win both an award listed above and all of the contests in the member’s flight.
  • Ringer award is not part of the championship so members can win both one of the above and the ringer award.
  • Most improved is also not part of the championship, so members can win both one of the above and most improved.

When the championship computer program runs and the numbers indicate more than one win for a person, the person is given the award that has the higher dollar value and the golfer next in line receives the other award. 

So to fairly recongize the true winners, please look at the data rankings, you will see the true rankings based on scores, and it may look a little different than the list of winners, and you will know the reason for that.  Also, when there is a tie, the tie is broken by comparing score on the most difficult ranked hole, and if still tied, it compares on the next most difficult hole, etc.

Click this link and scroll down the page/calendar to Championship 3, on September 24.  Then open whichever report you wish to see.  There is a list of winners, and 3 separate reports, one for gross, one for net and one for putts.   Again, due to the “one championship tournament award” rankings may appear to be different than the list of winners.

— Sally

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2016 League Plans

The 2016 Board met to review the past season and discuss guidelines for next year.  Here are a few highlights:

2016 Winter Golf Trip.  Plans for a January winter golf trip are underway.  If you are interested in going, please email Lucinda Audey angelsrwus@gmail.com and let her know.  Space is limited.  Last year we flew to the Orlando area for 6 nights and 5 days of golf.  Costs included airfare, condo rental,  rental of two minivans, greens fees and food.  

Top Golf Winter Play – Plans are to meet and play at Top Golf during January and February.  Further information will be publicized after the holidays.

2016 Championship Flight Winners: GWGA board has revised the handbook regarding the championship tournament.  It previously read:  “The best combined two of three rounds total net will determine the flight champions.”  It was decided that because the handicaps are used to determine a player’s flight, the flight winner should be determined by low gross within the flight.  So the handbook has been changed to read: “Among the players in a flight, the best combined two of three rounds total gross, will determine the flight winner.”    The online handbook has been revised to reflect the new language.

Flight D maximum for low net games.  For the purpose of low net games, the tournament chair will set a maximum handicap for flight D similar to the range of handicaps for flights A-C.  For example, if Flight B range is 21-30 and Flight C is 31-40, Flight D will have a similar range of 41-50.    Individuals with handicaps higher than 50 may compete in the games, but their handicap applied for winning low net games will not exceed the Flight D range.

New Members – New members will need to complete an application for membership and they will be contacted by Jeanie Tulipane with further information about joining.  This is to ensure their expectations of our league are realistic and that they will enjoy and fit into our league.  They may complete the application form online at gwgl.wordpress.com.  If you know of potential new members, please refer them to Jeanie Tulipane at jtulipane@gmail.com.

Trip to the Woods, West Virginia.  Trip will be May 17-19.  More information to be provided later.  Money will be due in February.

Trip to Penn National is scheduled for next Fall, October 17-19.  More information to be provided later.

2015 Championship – results will be posted soon.  Sorry it is taking so long; having some difficulties with the reports. I will notify you when they are available.

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2015 Winners and 2016 Board Annoucements

The Awards Luncheon was held on November 5th at Mount Vernon Country Club.  A big thank you to Lucinda Audey and Ingrid Tomasek for a beautiful and fun luncheon!   I will post and send out photos from 2015 events soon.  Below is a list of the 2015 winners and 2016 board members.  Looking forward to a great 2016 season!  –Sally

2015 Championship Tournament Winners
League Champion: Sue Spatcher
Low Net Winner: Eileen Ruzicka
Low Putts Winner: Pat Walker

Flight Champions (net)
Flight A: Mae Kiehl
Flight B: Kathi Pierce
Flight C: Lynn Smith
Flight D: Joan Yi

Flight Champions (gross)
Flight A: Sally Reams
Flight B: Jeanie Tulipane
Flight C: Jane Barnes
Flight D: Betsy Triplett

Championship Contest Winners:
Flight A
Long Drive: Helen Burke
Closest to Pin: Sue Spatcher

Flight B
Long Drive: (no one in the fairway)
Closest to Pin: Kathi Pierce

Flight C
Long Drive: Lynn Smith
Closest to Pin: Joyce Shields

Flight D
Long Drive: Lucinda Audey
Closest to Pin: (no one on the green)

Most Improved Player: Jeanie Tulipane
(based on GHIN handicap differential/formula from beginning to end of season)

Ringer Winners: (details to be posted soon)
Flight A: Sue Spatcher
Flight B: Melanie Harrison
Flight C: Betty Lester
Flight D: Judy Nolan

2016 GWGA Board Members:
President (and Web Administrator):  Sally Reams
Vice President: Lucinda Audey
Secretary and Treasurer: Betsy Triplett; Assistant: Mary Palm
Tournament Chair: Eileen Ruzicka; Assistant, Judy Erickson
Sign Ups: Michelle Moldenhauer;  Assistant Ann Turcol
Rules: Sue Spatcher
Membership Chair: Jeanie Tulipane
Birdies and Chip-ins: Kathi Pierce

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Get Ready for Fall – Important News

Tee times will begin at 8 a.m. this week through the end of the season.

Sign-ups for Sep 10, 17, 24 will be sent out earlier than normal; you will sign up for either championship play or non-championship play, depending on your eligibility. Eligibility and flights will be posted following the Sep 3 round.  Tournament Chair, Eileen Ruzicka, will make the foursomes and let you know your tee time.  Flights will be rotated for early times.  The signups are coming to you early in order to give her time to make the foursomes.  Tournament players will play within their flight where possible.  Non-Championship players will tee off behind the tournament players.  Question about championship, contact Eileen egruzicka@gmail.com.  We have a raindate scheduled for Oct 1 if we should need it.  Here’s the sign-up schedule:

Sign up for Sept 10: published Thursday 9/3 ~6p.m, closes Sunday 9/6 at 6p.m.
Sign up for Sept 17: published Thursday 9/10 ~6p.m, closes Sunday 9/13 at 6p.m.
Sign up for Sept 24: published Thursday 9/17 ~6p.m. closes Sunday 9/20 at 6p.m.

We will pay lift, clean and place in the fairway only, during all three championship rounds due to course conditions and aeration.

Contests for longest drive, closest to the pin and most accurate drive will occur during the rounds of play following the championship, instead of during the championship rounds.

End of Season Luncheon wll be November 5 at Mount Vernon Counry Club. Lucinda Audey is organizing the luncheon and will be collecting money.  Watch for sign-up and more information in the weeks ahead.

Learn about being a GWGA Board Member.  New people are encouraged to get involved and enhance your golfing experience.   By getting involved, you will not only get to know your sister golfers much better, but you will also learn more about golf, and about Greendale. Don’t worry, we are not asking you to sink/swim in a job you know nothing about.  If you are interested in being a trainee and working with a board member next year please let Sally know sallyreams@gmail.com or a current board member. We are now filling some trainee positions for next year.  Please let us know what positions you would be interested in.   Current board positions and duties are posted on our website:  https://gwgl.wordpress.com/standing-rules/

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