Get Ready for Fall – Important News

Tee times will begin at 8 a.m. this week through the end of the season.

Sign-ups for Sep 10, 17, 24 will be sent out earlier than normal; you will sign up for either championship play or non-championship play, depending on your eligibility. Eligibility and flights will be posted following the Sep 3 round.  Tournament Chair, Eileen Ruzicka, will make the foursomes and let you know your tee time.  Flights will be rotated for early times.  The signups are coming to you early in order to give her time to make the foursomes.  Tournament players will play within their flight where possible.  Non-Championship players will tee off behind the tournament players.  Question about championship, contact Eileen  We have a raindate scheduled for Oct 1 if we should need it.  Here’s the sign-up schedule:

Sign up for Sept 10: published Thursday 9/3 ~6p.m, closes Sunday 9/6 at 6p.m.
Sign up for Sept 17: published Thursday 9/10 ~6p.m, closes Sunday 9/13 at 6p.m.
Sign up for Sept 24: published Thursday 9/17 ~6p.m. closes Sunday 9/20 at 6p.m.

We will pay lift, clean and place in the fairway only, during all three championship rounds due to course conditions and aeration.

Contests for longest drive, closest to the pin and most accurate drive will occur during the rounds of play following the championship, instead of during the championship rounds.

End of Season Luncheon wll be November 5 at Mount Vernon Counry Club. Lucinda Audey is organizing the luncheon and will be collecting money.  Watch for sign-up and more information in the weeks ahead.

Learn about being a GWGA Board Member.  New people are encouraged to get involved and enhance your golfing experience.   By getting involved, you will not only get to know your sister golfers much better, but you will also learn more about golf, and about Greendale. Don’t worry, we are not asking you to sink/swim in a job you know nothing about.  If you are interested in being a trainee and working with a board member next year please let Sally know or a current board member. We are now filling some trainee positions for next year.  Please let us know what positions you would be interested in.   Current board positions and duties are posted on our website:

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News Update – July 22, 2015

New member:  Please welcome new member Anne Turcol to GWGA!  We now have 55 members.

Two scorecards per foursome:  Recently a foursome turned in two scorecards that were both kept by the same person. The intent of requiring a duplicate is to eliminate errors. Two cards kept by one person defeats the intent of this rule. As we all know, scoring errors are not uncommon.  People forget to write down scores, hear a different score, or write someone’s score on the wrong line, mixing up the scores of 2 players, etc.  Keeping a duplicate card and reconciling the 2 cards afterwards helps eliminate errors.

The board has updated the league recordkeeping section of the member handbook to read as follows (new language shown in blue text):  Each group will turn in 2 scorecards kept by 2 different scorekeepers, with all players listed on both cards. If only one card is kept, all golfers in the foursome except the person who kept the original card may be disqualified from winning that round. The Original card (versus the Duplicate) must be signed and dated by all players and both cards turned in.  A player with no signature on the original card may be disqualified from winning that round.  

Red Staked Hazards: Reminder to all, grounding your club or touching or moving loose impediments in a hazard is a 2 stroke penalty. Rule 13-4.  DO NOT start removing sticks, pine cones, leaves or any other debris away from your ball until you have first identified whether you are in a hazard or not.

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July Update and Reminders

Four Flights – As a result of increased membership (54 members!) we are now able to support four flights.   The new flight distibution will be effective next week.   This will not impact sign-up categories, they will remain the same.  The new flight distribution report is posted; or you can find it on the table at the clubhouse next week.

LCP (Lift, clean and place) – Check the scorecard each week to see if we are playing lift, clean and place.  If you see “LCP” written on your score card, it means we are playing lift, clean and place on the fairway.

Time change next week: our tee times will begin at 7 a.m.   Players in the first 3 tee times need to arrive by 6:30.

Laptop Change – you will notice next week that we have a laptop upgrade, newer, faster larger screen, and a wireless mouse.  Thank you to Lynne Kennedy for donating the laptop to our league.  It will replace the one we had been using.   Thank you also to Kathy Rath for letting the league use the former laptop!

Participation days – To be eligible to play in the 3 league championship rounds beginning September 10, you must have played in 50% of the 2015 playable rounds (Thursdays). This year that translates to 11 rounds before September 10.   The number of rounds you have played can be found on the Flight Distribution report (column titled “this year”).  If you don’t have enough rounds by Sep 10 to qualify, you can still play golf on the championship tournament days; you will just play in the last foursome out.

Let me know if you have any questions.  Happy golfing to all!





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Sign Up for Jun 4 and Summer News Update

  • Two Sign Ups will be published THIS Saturday May 30 around noon; one for the June 4 Shotgun “Beat the Pro” and one for the luncheon afterwards.  They will both have early deadlines of Monday night, so watch for them.  
  • We are not playing lift clean and place as a routine.  Third annoucement about this, so please read this paragraph to the end!!  There are two conditions when you may lift clean and place in the fairway (never in the rough):   1)  If it’s cart path only or  2) If your ball lands in the wide seeded strip cutting through some of the fairways which has not fully grown in, you may lift clean and place your ball on some grass, no closer to the hole.  Even though Greendale has removed the GUR ropes, you may improve your lie only in that area until further notice.  This does not apply to the part of the seeded strip extending into the rough. 
  • Day Outings – Volunteers are needed to organize a couple of GWGA day outings within the metropolitan area.  Never done this before?  Not a hard job and Lucinda will help guide you.  It is easy to do, involves picking a course and date, getting members signed up and calling the course to make tee times.  Lucinda will help you, so contact her if you can help:
  • Time changes – June 11 our start times will be moved up to 7:30.  Those in the first 3 tee times need to arrive by 7:00 a.m.   Next 3 times by 7:30 and everyone else by 7:45.
  • Scores, and Weekly Wins are posted on the schedule every week.   click here.  
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