Sign Up for Jun 4 and Summer News Update

  • Two Sign Ups will be published THIS Saturday May 30 around noon; one for the June 4 Shotgun “Beat the Pro” and one for the luncheon afterwards.  They will both have early deadlines of Monday night, so watch for them.  
  • We are not playing lift clean and place as a routine.  Third annoucement about this, so please read this paragraph to the end!!  There are two conditions when you may lift clean and place in the fairway (never in the rough):   1)  If it’s cart path only or  2) If your ball lands in the wide seeded strip cutting through some of the fairways which has not fully grown in, you may lift clean and place your ball on some grass, no closer to the hole.  Even though Greendale has removed the GUR ropes, you may improve your lie only in that area until further notice.  This does not apply to the part of the seeded strip extending into the rough. 
  • Day Outings – Volunteers are needed to organize a couple of GWGA day outings within the metropolitan area.  Never done this before?  Not a hard job and Lucinda will help guide you.  It is easy to do, involves picking a course and date, getting members signed up and calling the course to make tee times.  Lucinda will help you, so contact her if you can help:
  • Time changes – June 11 our start times will be moved up to 7:30.  Those in the first 3 tee times need to arrive by 7:00 a.m.   Next 3 times by 7:30 and everyone else by 7:45.
  • Scores, and Weekly Wins are posted on the schedule every week.   click here.  
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SignUps for May 7, May 21, May 22

This Saturday, May 2nd, around noon you will receive 3 early sign-ups:

1) May 7  Shotgun Start.  This one will close early, on Monday May 4 at midnight.  This league day is a 7:15 arrival time for everyone.   Sign up for the Hole where you will start.  Sign-up categories are suspended for this day, play with whoever you want.   This is a fun day for participation credit only.  There will be a prize for the winning team.  Lunch afterwards at Ruby Tuesday.  More details will be on the sign-up.

2) May 21 outing to Twin Lakes Golf, on The Lakes course.  This sign up will close on Tues May 5.  We are running the sign up early becuase Twin Lakes has to know 2 weeks prior how many golfers we will have so they can block our times.  More details in prior post and on sign -up.

3) May 22 at Greendale.   This will close on Tues May 5. We are running the sign up early becuase Greendale has to know 2 weeks prior how many golfers we will have so they can block our times.  More details in prior post and on sign-up.

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Thu. May 21 at Twin Lakes; Fri May 22 at Greendale, 2015

Hello golfers!  If you’re not going on the GWGA West Virginia overnight  (note for new people this trip is full), get ready for fun at Twin Lakes.  You will soon receive TWO early sign-up invitations for the fourth week in May 2015: one for Thursday May 21st at Twin Lakes and one for Friday May 22nd at Greendale  You may sign up for either or both.   These golf days are purely for fun – no league games played or winners, awards, birdies or chip-ins on either of these days (Twin lakes is not our home course and Friday is not a league day).   We are running these sign-ups early because both Twin Lakes and Greendale need to know how many people to expect so they can block the time for us.  Therefore these 2 signups will have an early deadline of Tuesday May 5.

Here’s a reminder of why we are doing this, in case you missed the Spring meeting and haven’t heard.  Our league day on Thursday, May 21st was bumped by  Greendale so they can host Arlington Seniors Golfers (larger group, more revenue).   Greendale has made arrangements for us to play at Fairfax County Twin Lakes Golf Course in Clifton, VA, on the Lakes Course, at a reduced non-prime rate $45 riding $27 walking.  You may walk or ride; riding is recommended due to distance to some tee boxes.  Tee times at twin lakes will start at 8 a.m.  Greendale has also offered that if you wish to play on Friday the 22nd, you will be charged the greens fee at the non-prime Thursday rate versus the prime Friday rate.

If you are not familiar with Twin Lakes you can click here for more info about the course. It’s a nice course and fun to play.  More details to be provided in the sign-ups.

Happy golfing and watch for sign ups coming soon.



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Feedback, News, and a Few Reminders

Sign Ups:  Let’s have a perfect sign-up this week!!!

  • Please respect the sign up categories. You can find your category assignment on the sign-up, please sign up in the correct category.
  • Members must sign-up themselves only.  You may not sign up your friends.
  • Do NOT put your name in the last foursome until other preceeding time slots are filled.  The last foursome is only to be used if need.  Do not leave gaps causing the coordinators to have to move you/email you, etc.  We normally have 6-8 foursomes.  So if you put your name in the 8-9th foursome you may get moved (and buddies may have to be split up).  Currently there is space on the sign up for 9 foursomes, to accommodate overflow if everyone decides to play.

Please arrive no later than 8:  The first 3 foursomes must arrive at 7:30.  Everyone must be there at 8 a.m.   When we have last minute cancellations it causes a chain reaction through all of the foursomes and everyone gets moved up the morning of play.  Last week people were late arriving, the last foursome was late teeing off and one person missed playing the first hole.

New this year: Cart Path Only and Lift, Clean and Place:  Whenever it is cart path only, we will also play lift, clean and place – in the fairway only.

Don’t allow anyone to play through:  On Thursdays you are playing in a league tournament and people are not allowed to play through; so if they try, tell them no.

We had 25 golfers last week, it was cloudy but it didn’t rain on us!  Winners and scores for everyone are posted on the 2015 schedule, in the member only section.   Don’t forget to post your scores in the GHIN!!  New people: you need 5 scores in the GHIN before you will have a handicap.

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