2020 Golf Season

Due to the declaration of a National Emergency and because the health and safety of our members is our number one priority, the GWGA Board has decided to cancel the Spring Meeting.  The presenters are preparing their notes and we will send them out with a copy of the golf schedule and volunteer job list by March 26th.

Fairfax County Golf Courses are closed for 2 weeks starting March 16th, so our practice round is on hold for now.  We will send out news as it becomes available.
Stay healthy and be safe.
Eileen Ruzicka, GWGA President
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2019 Tournament Winners

Congratulations to all of the winners this year!  The full list is below.

Thanks to the committee who put on the Luncheon at Mt. Vernon, it was a great event.  Looking forward to a festive and fun time on December 12 at Carey’s house.

Happy Thanksgiving!

2019 Tournament Winners

League Gross Winner:  Sue Spatcher
Senior Gross Winner:  Sally Reams

League Net Winner:  Kathy Sullivan
Senior Net Winner:  Mae Kiehl

Overall Low Putts:  Helen Shinn

Flight A Gross Winner:  Kathi Pierce
Flight B Gross Winner:  Kathy Chandler
Flight C Gross Winner:  Myong An
Flight D Gross Winner:  Kathy Rath

Flight A Net Winner:  Jung Hee Kim
Flight B Net Winner:  Eileen Ruzicka
Flight C Net Winner:  Lucinda Audey
Flight D Net Winner:  Ruth Coakley

Flight A
Most Accurate Drive:  Sally Reams
Longest Drive:  Greta Kohlhagen
Closest to Pin:  Jung Hee Kim

Flight B
Most Accurate Drive:  Helen Shinn
Longest Drive:  Judy Flader
Closest to Pin:  Judy Flader

Flight C
Most Accurate Drive:  Mary Palm
Longest Drive:  Myong An
Closest to Pin:  Ann McClung

Flight D
Most Accurate Drive:  Kathy Rath
Longest Drive:  Heidi Moos
Closest to Pin: Kathy Rath


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Diagrams and explanation of Model Local Rule 8E-5

Hi Ladies,

Recently, the Board has adopted local Rule E-5 for our league for the purposes of helping the pace of play.  This rule should  be used if you have NOT hit a provisional ball. If you have to play your provisional ball there is only a one stroke penalty. If you use Rule E-5, you incur a 2 stroke penalty.

Attached are 3 diagrams showing  your options and how they should be applied. Three scenarios are covered. They are when your ball can not be found, when your ball goes out-of-bounds and when either of those two situations occur close to the green.

The full explanation of the rule is on the GWGA website or you can just Google “Model Local Rule E-5”.

Questions? Please, just let me know.


Rules Chair

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Rule of the week #20 – New rules for caddies

Hi Ladies,

Just in case any of you will experience the luxury of having a caddie, there are a couple of new rules that apply this year.

Your caddie is no longer allowed to stand on or close to the extended line of play behind you while you are taking your stance until you make your stroke.

Your caddie may now lift and replace your ball on the putting green without your permission to do so. Last year, it was a 1 stroke penalty!!

This is my last “ROTW’ as Greta and I have been calling them since January! Thank you, Greta, for posting these in a timely manner and thank you all for your feedback and positive comments. This is not the last you’ll be hearing from me!! Every week, my playing group always sends me back home looking up a specific rule because a particular situation came up or somebody just had a question and I will be sharing my findings with you. If a question/situation comes up in your group, I’d love to hear about it.

Take care,


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