June News

ūüíĽ Sign Ups¬†–

  • ūüď© Reminder – ¬†We cannot guarantee a specific delivery time to your inbox. ¬†The sign up for tee times usually comes out on Sundays around 7 p.m. Our sign up coordinators, Michelle and Anne, do a great job of being right on time most weeks. ¬†Like us all, they are busy people with lives outside of golf and sometimes may send it out up to a couple of hours early if necessary to ensure it gets out in plenty of time. ¬†They cannot set a send-time electronically, a human has to push the send button.
  • ‚Źį Early tee times – ¬†Your GWGA board meets 1-2 times during the golf season and 2 times off-season. ¬†We have difficulty finding¬†meeting times convenient for all of us, so we are meeting this season on 2 Thursdays following golf. ¬†One¬†was this past Thursday and the other date will be August 25. ¬†We will play together in the first 3 foursomes so that we can finish together, have our meeting and close-out the day’s tournament. ¬†We will take most of the early slots (versus later slots) because the meeting adds 1-2 hours to our day and we need to get home by 3. ¬†It will be an all day thing for us, ¬†gone from home about 8 hours. ¬†We appreciate your understanding about our taking these early times once or twice during the season. ¬†With this exception, early times have always been and will continue to be available¬†on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • ūüŹĆ Thursday, Sep 1, Forest Greens Golf Course¬†– Sep 1 will not be a league day. ¬†Greendale management is hosting Arlington Seniors that day. ¬†As a result, Peter Kim arranged for us to play at Forest Greens for $35, cart included. ¬†We will also be able to play Greendale¬†on Friday Sep 2, at the weekday rate. ¬†Sign ups for both of these dates will come out 3 weeks early so that both Forest Greens and Greendale can know how many slots to reserve for us.

ūüĎŹ Pace of play and ready golf improved –¬†Our pace has improved the last few weeks and we appreciate the efforts everyone has made in this regard! ¬†Let’s keep it up and we should have no further issues in this regard. ¬†Good report from the starter the last few weeks!

‚õ≥ÔłŹ Lift, clean and place – Reminder that when it is cart path only, or when Greendale posts a sign near the #1 tee box that says “winter rules”, you may lift, clean and place in the fairway.

ūüďĚ Scorekeeping – Reminder that members may not refuse to keep score. ¬†Two cards must be kept by two different people; preferably only one card per cart. ¬† A foursome turning in only one card, or two cards kept by one person may result in disqualification.

¬†ūü§Ē Who to ask, who to tell, what to do? ¬†– You have finished golfing, something occurred during the round and you have questions ūüôĄ or concerns ūüė≥but don’t know who to tell/ask? ¬†Never lose any sleep over anything on the golf course!! ¬†We exist to have FUN! ¬†You may always contact our President, Sally Reams, our Vice President, Lucinda Audey or our Tournament Chair, Eileen Ruzicka. ¬†Together we have over 15 years of GWGA experience and love our league! ¬† BUT –¬†Rules question? ¬†ūü§ď contact our Rules Chair, Sue Spatcher. ¬†You can find their contact information here.

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June 2016 News

GWGA Facebook news – If you’re not one of our 34 members on the¬†closed GWGA Facebook page, below is¬†a¬†sampling¬†of what people have posted. ¬†All members are invited and encouraged to join and post. ¬†If you would like to share photos, open/read the articles, watch the videos, participate in the conversations,¬† you can go here and follow instructions to sign up.¬† Need help doing it? ¬†Ask!

  • Watch/share video golf instruction to improve your game;
  • View and share your golf/GWGA photos;
  • Watch and laugh at a video of a innovative cart at Kathy Rath’s Hawaii condo;
  • Read/share info about golf at¬†the¬†August 2016 Olympics;
  • Review the new women’s golf movie coming out: “The Founders”
  • Post or receive golf tournament invitations.

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June Lessons –¬†If you have not signed up, there are still some openings. Contact Jeanie Tulipane to reserve a spot. ¬†Contact Jeanie Tulipane to reserve a spot.

  • Thursday June 9, Full-swing Clinic
  • Thursday June 16, Course Management

June 14 – Greendale women’s tournament. ¬†Sign up deadline is MONDAY, June 6.

June 21 РGolf Swap 10-12pm at Jefferson District golf course.  Get rid of all that unused golf stuff; sell it or swap it for something you want!  Watch for the evite coming soon.

Updated handicaps/flights and ringer scores have been posted. ¬†Q. “What’s a ringer score?” ¬†A. Your¬†best score on each hole since the beginning of the season.

Results –¬†Check¬†the weekly game results¬†¬†to see everyone’s scores, birdies, chip-ins and game winners.

Tee-off at correct time, not early! ¬† We don’t have a tee starter, so please look at your watch and be sensitive to those playing behind you. ¬†When foursome after foursome tee off earlier and earlier, by 8:20 havoc begins in the clubhouse because¬†time accumulates as each group¬†pushes themselves¬†out a little earlier and a little earlier, etc. ¬†There should be 9 minutes between tee times.¬†¬† Last week the 8:24 group arrived to find they were expected to tee off more than 10-14 minutes early, cutting into their time needed¬†to pay, use the ladies room, get coffee or look at the league table. ¬†¬†At the #1 tee box, please check¬†the clock and don’t tee off until it is time. ¬†Thanks!

GHIN Mobile App РDownload the free GHIN app onto your smartphone.  It makes posting a score simple and the recent update has added features Рyou can see all the scores you have entered. To get the app on your Apple device (iPhone/iPad) go here: App Store; for other smartphones: search Google Play.


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Don’t be a Turtle, be a Cheetah!

Are you a Turtle or a Cheetah?

Last Thursday we had two foursomes with large gaps in front of them.  So much so that a group skipped from Hole 10 to Hole 13, filled the gap, then went back to 11 and 12 after they played 18 and still finished before the group they had been following.

If you don’t see the group in front you,¬†¬†you are golfing like a Turtle!¬†

Secrets of Cheetah golfers…..

  • TRY to be first on the tee box, don’t hold back, please. ¬†Don’t ask if it is your turn or discuss who is to go first, get up there and hit.
  • Whoever arrives¬†first on the tee box, tee off instead of talking/waiting.¬†Hit first then record your score for the prior hole afterwards.
  • Try to putt-out rather than marking a shot and waiting for others to finish.¬† Don’t ask whose turn it is. ¬†Simply announce that you would like to finish so the other golfers know your intention.
  • If your ball is not in anyone’s line on the green, pick up your marker and replace your ball while someone else prepares to putt.
  • Whoever putts out first,¬†leave the green and go tee off at the next hole.¬†
  • If you can take a putt or two while waiting for other golfers to reach the green, DO SO!¬† Ask someone to tend the flag and¬†take your putt(s)¬†instead of waiting for all 4 to arrive on the green before you begin putting. ¬† ¬†This is not rude, it is playing ready golf.
  • Only one player should help search¬†for a lost ball, while the other 2 move ahead and hit. ¬†By doing so you are being considerate to those behind your group. ¬†If the ball hasn’t been found by the time 2 other players have hit, a new ball should be dropped and play continued.
  • Riders ‚Äď after your shot, get into the cart ¬†holding your clubs, do not put clubs away until the NEXT stopping point.
  • Keep 2 balls in your pocket, marked differently at all times as well as 2 tees and a ball marker
  • Minimize talking¬†and waiting – do something while you wait to prepare for your next shot. ¬†While waiting for someone else to shoot, move to your ball (especially if your ball lies left of the one being hit) please move up to your ball, get out of the cart and select a club for your next shot. Please don’t wait until it is your turn to hit to move! Be there before it is your turn to hit. If it is cart path only and you are unsure which club you need, take several clubs with you.
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Tuesday, June 14th Greendale Women’s Tournament

Greendale Golf Course is hosting a women’s golf tournament on Tuesday, June 14th, 9:00 a.m. ¬†Find a partner and sign-up at the clubhouse for this fun event! ¬†Entry deadline is Monday, June 6th. $45 includes, golf, breakfast, lunch and prizes. ¬†More information and entry form is provided at this link –¬†2016 Women’s Tournament Entry Form

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