Entering Scores

Each member is responsible to ensure that their score is entered in two places after the round is complete—the GWGA Automated/laptop system and the GHIN (Golf Handicap and Information Network).

GWGA Automated system

The league uses an automated record keeping system.

A golfer must complete 18 holes to enter a score into the GWGA system to compete in the weekly game. If a golfer leaves the course before finishing, her name should not be entered in the GWGA game software/laptop

Two players from each group must work together to enter the scores of the group in the GWGA laptop. Instructions will be provided at the laptop—One player reads aloud the scores while the other player types in the numbers.


After play is complete on Thursday, the golfer should enter her score into the GHIN handicap system computer at Greendale or at home (www.GHIN.com). Before entering a score in the GHIN handicap system, golfers need to adjust it based on the USGA Equitable Stroke Control procedure.  This procedure sets a maximum number of strokes that a golfer can post on any hole depending on the player’s Course handicap.  See chart below.

Handicap           Maximum Score to be Posted on any one hole
9 or less              Double Bogie
10 – 19                 7
20 – 29                8
30 – 39                9
40+                      10

In addition to posting in the GHIN system after league play, when a golfer has finished a round of golf (9 or 18 holes) at either Greendale Golf Course on a nonleague day or another golf course, they should enter their score into the GHIN system. The golfer should follow the Equitable Stroke Control listed above.

With regard to posting scores in the GHIN system only, the USGA handicap rules allows a player to post a score for handicap purposes even if that player does not play a hole(s) during the round. The score recorded for the hole(s) for handicap purposes must be par plus any handicap strokes the player is entitled to receive on that hole. There is a sheet in the binder on the Greendale table that will provide the information needed to score holes not played. This hole score, when recorded, should be preceded by an “X”. This procedure should be used to record scores for any holes if a player has completed at least 13 holes in an 18-hole round or has completed at least 7 holes in a 9-hole round.  If a player uses this rule, she cannot enter the score in the GWGA Automated System.