GWGA Rules

Unmarked Ground Under Repair (GUR) situations:  In situations where GUR on the fairway is unmarked (see hole by hole guide below) ask your playing partners if you may take relief.  If all agree, you may then take a drop; take one club length from the nearest point of relief. There is no penalty.

Hole by Hole Guide:

Hole 4 – From the tee box, approximately 150 yards on the right, the bare area in the fairway is deemed to be ground under repair (GUR).

Hole 6 – The rocky area to the left of the green is to be treated as GUR.

Hole 7 – The rocky area to the right approximately 50 yards from the green between the path and the woods is to be treated as GUR.

Hole 10

  1. If your t-ball goes anywhere in the water, the drop area is just over the water.
  2. When the ditch on the right side of the cart path has water in it, it is considered an “abnormal ground condition”. You may lift the ball, clean it and drop it without penalty within one club length and not nearer the hole.

Hole 13 – From the tee box:

  1. If ball lands in the culvert to the right of the bridge – you have a free drop and two choices: Take relief in the following manner:
    • Retrieve ball and go back 2 club lengths towards the bridge.  This will keep your ball from being moved closer to the hole. Take your stance with lower foot just above the concrete side of the culvert and placeyour ball on the slope.  Do not drop (1. to avoid injury, as ball may roll back in, and 2. for pace of play).    You will be hitting 2.
    • Hit again from previous position.  You may re-tee if from the tee box
  2. If a ball lands in the culvert to the left of the bridge – you have a free drop and two choices:
    • Drop ball in drop area (marked on side of culvert wall) in front of tee box.  You will be hitting 2
    • Hit again from previous position. You may re-tee if from the tee box.
  3. If ball lands in the Environmental Protected Area to the right of the bridge and to the right of the spillway– you have two choices:
    • Hit again from previous position, taking penalty shot, hitting 3
    • Remove (you may not walk into the EPA; please walk along side of culvert and retrieve your ball using a retriever or club) and proceed with the rules for ball in a red-staked hazard.

Hole 17 – The washed out area on the left hill about 150 yards from the tee box is GUR.

Hole 18

  1. The rocky gully approximately 150 yards from the tee box to the right between the cart path and the woods is GUR.
  1. If your ball lands in the spillway to the left, take free relief as you would a cart path and drop your ball, no closer to the hole, one club length from your closest point of relief.


The limit for putts, if you have reached double par, is 3. In the interest of time, if you have not holed out after 3 putts, pick up your ball and record 4 putts on your scorecard for the hole.

If the course requires “cart path only” due to the wet conditions, the league will follow the lift, clean and place rule.

In the interest of your pace-of-play, spend no more than 3 minutes searching for your ball.