Weekly Tournaments and Championship Play

(updated July 2018)

The membership fee must be paid prior to tee off time to qualify for prizes. Please make checks payable to GWGA.

To qualify for the Championship tournament, members must play 18 holes in 50% of the league’s playable Thursday rounds of golf at Greendale.  The tournament chair is responsible for tracking attendance. If play is called by the tournament chair or the club due to inclement weather, all players who had originally signed up for a tee time will be credited with a round played.

The League Championship Tournament will be based upon total (gross and net) for 36 holes.  The championship will be held on two consecutive Thursdays. The combined two rounds total will determine the league champions. Eligibility for Senior League Champion (gross and net) will be determined by sorting the list of eligible players by birthday and the older half will be eligible for Senior Champion (gross and net).  For Flight champions, players will be placed in flights based on their handicaps. Among the players in a flight, the best combined two rounds  (gross and net) will determine the flight winners.

To qualify for ‘most improved player’ member must play 18 holes in 50% of playable Thursday rounds.

To participate in weekly tournaments, the round must be played with at least one other member.

Members must have a handicap or be working to establish one.  To establish a handicap, a player must complete and enter scores into the GHIN system for 5 rounds.

We are an 18 hole league and expect everyone to play 18 holes. Only golfers with 18 hole scores are eligible to win. Scores of less than 18 holes are not to be entered into the GWGA game software/laptop. If a golfer leaves the course before finishing, her name should not be entered in the GWGA game software/laptop. It is only acceptable to play less than 18 holes once or twice over a season.

Adjusted scores may only be used by league members when league leadership determines it is needed or desired for the whole league. When this occurs, a member with an adjusted score may win and her score may be recorded on the ringer report. Leadership will ensure the membership is notified at the clubhouse, on league day, if adjusted scores may be used. Examples of appropriate use include (but are not limited to) when hole closures occur, or in cases of inclement weather. Adjusted scores are not for individual use and may not be entered into the GWGA game software/laptop anytime a member wishes to do so. They may only be used by exception, with approval on days when league leadership has determined it is appropriate for the whole league to use an adjusted score.

For the championship rounds:

  • Unless otherwise announced by the tournament chair, no “lift, clean and place” or moving your ball in the fairway except as allowed by the USGA official rules of golf.
  • Double par rule is suspended.  Play until the ball is holed out.  This could slow the pace of play so please move as quickly as possibly between hits and between holes.
  • Hole 10 drop zone on the other side of the water may be used.
  • Hole 6 drop zone by the cart path may be used.
  • Any rules dispute should be noted on the score card with the hole circled.  The player should play following the rule she thinks is correct and mark the score accordingly.  The rules chair will make a ruling after the round.
  • It is recommended that you announce your stroke total when you reach the green –e.g. “on in 3”  (this is an aid to keeping a correct score).   We also suggest that you print out a Rules Bag Tag for reference.