The 2019/2020 Board has established four standing committees: Rules, Nominating, Web Administration, and Membership

Rules Committee 

The Rules Committee Chair for 2019/2020 is Sue Spatcher and Sue will solicit a representative from each flight for her committee. The Committee shall

  • Keep up to date on rules and advise website administrator of changes and new rules
  • Provide rules education to membership at the Spring Meeting and throughout the season
  • Resolve rules disputes when needed

Nominating Committee 

The Nominating Committee Chair will solicit two additional members for the Committee. The Committee shall assist Board members, upon request, in getting volunteers to help carry out their responsibilities.

In addition, in even-numbered years, the nominating committee shall solicit interested candidates for each Board position and present the list of candidates to the membership via email two weeks prior to the Fall meeting/luncheon.  Voting shall be by voice vote if there is only one candidate for each position.  If more than one person is running for an office, a ballot vote shall be taken.  Election results shall be determined by majority vote of members present and voting.

Web Administration Committee

The Web Administration Committee Chair for 2019/2020 is Greta Kohlhagen.  She is responsible for overseeing website and computer support, which includes:

  • providing assistance for GWGA database and laptop operations, as required
  • interfacing with database consultant
  • assisting Tournament/HC chair with software or hardware evaluation or research
  • advising board when policy changes impact database program; ensures database program is consistent with GWGA policy changes
  • posting information on website to include but not limited to, calendar of games, weekly winners, flight distribution reports, rules, outings, photos and bios.
  • updating web pages annually based on input from Board
  • annually establishing new pages or postings

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee Chair for 2019/2020 is Joan Tadlock.  The Membership Chair:

  • Plans and executes recruiting of new members by advertising or other means (e.g., posts information at other courses and in public recreation centers, places ads/information in papers and in neighborhood feeds, invites friends, etc.)
  • Keeps membership flyers and forms updated and posted on clubhouse bulletin boards

Maintains a membership spreadsheet with contact info and birth dates and provides a copy to the tournament/HC chair who generates the Sign-up Genius email group list and maintains a current membership list in the GWGA Automated System.

Provides membership list to Web Administrator for posting on the GWGA website.

Ensures that membership forms are available at the Spring Meeting and at any other GWGA events throughout the year

Follows up with anyone interested in joining to be sure they receive a membership form and to invite them to play with us

Assigns mentors to new members

Keeps board members apprised when new people join

Takes photos of and encourages bios from new members and provides those to website administrator

Welcomes and introduces new members at the Spring Meeting

Stays aware of attendance records and checks on those who have not played for awhile

Follows up with members who are not returning to find out why (moving, health issues, etc.) and lets the board know if there are issues that should be addressed