Weekly Tournaments/Play

The playing season is seven months, beginning the first Thursday in April and ending the last Thursday in October. This section of the handbook covers signup procedures, weekly play, and entering scores after play is complete.

Weekly Play 

  • Members must have a handicap or be working to establish one. To establish a handicap, a player must complete and enter scores into the GHIN system for 5 rounds
  • Players will be divided into 4 groups or flights (A, B, C, and D) based on handicaps, with an attempt to have an equal number of players in each flight. Handicaps calculated on the first of the month will be used during the month, will be posted on the website, and will be used to revise flights at the beginning of each month.  However, flight designations will not change the month of the annual championship tournament.
  • To participate in weekly tournaments, the round must be played with at least one other member during established tee times
  • Members must be on time for their scheduled tee times
    • Tee times start at 8 a.m. in April, May, September, and October. For first three tee times, be at club house by 7:30 a.m. All other times at least 30 minutes prior to their tee times, and if rain is in the forecast arrive, 45 minutes early
    • Tee times start at 7:30 a.m. in June, July and August; for first three tee times, be at club house by 7:00 a.m. All others 30 minutes prior to their tee times and if rain is in the forecast, arrive 45 minutes early
    • Each group will have 2 scorecards—Official and Backup.  Each card must be kept by a different scorekeeper, with all players listed on both cards. All players must sign and date the Official card and both cards must be turned in.  A player with no signature on the Official card may be disqualified from winning that round.  If only one card is kept, all golfers in the foursome except the person who kept the Official card will be disqualified from winning that round.  Any scoring disputes should be circled and noted, and the scorecard should not be signed (once it is signed everyone is agreeing to the scores on the card.)
  • Calendar of games with descriptions will be posted on the GWGA website. Every Thursday morning, the weekly game and description will be on the table in the club house.
  • GWGA uses the double par rule to help maintain pace of play, except during the championship
    • Pick up after reaching double par (6 strokes on par 3, 8 strokes on par 4, and 10 strokes on par 5, if not on the green).
    • Place the ball on the green one putter head inside the green in direct line to the hole from the original ball location.
    • Limit of 3 putts if under double par rule; in the interest of time, if a golfer has not holed out after 3 putts, pick up the ball and record 4 putts on the scorecard for the hole.
    • No double par allowed if “Low Putts” game is played
  • Golfers should print out a Rules Bag Tag for reference.
  • Changes due to weather shall be made jointly by the League President, Vice President and Tournament/HC Chair in consultation with one another.  If the weather (rain, frost or cold) or aeration dictates a change (for example, lift, clean and place) changes must be made and posted boldly prior to any member beginning her round.
  • If play is called due to inclement weather, all players who had originally signed up for a tee time will be credited with a round played.
  • For the 2019 season, we will play lift, clean and place during the regular week’s play and will not be playing lift, clean and place during the Championship rounds.