Flights and Rounds Posted

Are you eligible to play in the championship?  You can find the number of rounds you have played this year by clicking here.  If you have less than 10 rounds, you may still play each week.  Non-tournament players will tee off behind the tournament.

Do you know your September flight (it may have changed)?  Championship contests this Thursday will be based on flights. Click here for September Flight Distribution.


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Championship Qualifying Rounds

A report showing the number of “league day rounds” each golfer has played has been posted on the calendar/schedule page.  We have 3 more “league days” before the championship begins.  To check for your number of rounds, click here:   Qualifying Rounds and Schedule.


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GWGA August News

A few news items for your reading pleasure….

August 15th Greendale Tournament –   The sign up deadline for the annual Greendale tournament is Tuesday August 8.  There will be 3 women’s divisions, divided by ages, if enough sign up.  CLICK HERE for details and a sign up form; or call the pro shop at 703/971-3788 to enter.  Your handicap must be held at Greendale to play.

Penn National – GWGA has one opening for this very popular overnight trip Oct 16-18.  New people to our league are encouraged to go, it’s a great way to quickly get acquainted with other golfers.  Click here for details about the trip and how to sign up.

Opening on Thursday mornings –  The GWGA Board is very appreciative that golfers who arrive early sometimes “open” before the “opener” shows up to do it. If you plan to be there early and can open, please contact the Board volunteer for that date and let her know she does not need to come to the course early to open. The opener’s tee time may be later that morning, so she could get a little more shut-eye.  Your efforts are greatly appreciated, thanks!!  You can find the Board’s Open/Close schedule anytime by going to this link and clicking on the large orange “sign up button” to find the Board’s Open/Close sign-up.  

Congratulations to our Greendale Hole-in-One golfers, Tania Richards and Jan Armstrong.  Tania aced Hole 6 and Jan aced Hole 8.

Coming Soon – Info about the September League Championship.  Golfers need to have played 10 league day rounds to qualify to play in the Championship.  Report on # of rounds will be out later this week.  If you don’t have 10 GWGA league rounds by the end of August, you may still play golf in September, but tournament players will tee off first.


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Sign-Up Change

Sign-up Change on Sunday, July 30: Reminder that August foursomes will include a requirement to have 2 people from Category 1 and 2 from Category 2.  Please check your category assignment on Sunday and sign-up correctly.  Instructions will be on the sign-up.  The sign-up will be monitored and those who sign up in the incorrect category will be moved to the first open time in their category and notified by sign-up genius of the move.

Background for those new to the league:  It was decided at the 2017 spring meeting that every other month we would suspend the category (flight) sign-up requirement and data would be collected over the season to see if pace of play is impacted with use of categories.  The original intent of having sign up categories, when implement 7 years ago, was to aid pace of play and to mix up golfers with a range of flights/handicaps in each foursome.  No recent data was available to support or suspend the use of categories, so we are gathering data this season.

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