Administration of League

The league is administered by a board which includes: a President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, Tournament Chair and Tournament Assistant, Membership Chair, Rules Chair, Sign-Up Coordinator, Birdies & Chip-in administrator and a web administrator. Positions requiring training may involve assistants at any time.  The board acts as a nominating committee for board positions, with each board member recruiting her replacement.  Terms are for two years. The President is responsible for ensuring all positions get filled and prepares and presents a slate of new board members to the membership for confirmation at the end of each season for the following season.

Board Duties are defined at the link.

The annual spring meeting will be held in late March and the President will be responsible for notifying members of the time and place of the meeting.

The minutes of last year’s annual meeting shall be approved for the membership by the board unless otherwise indicated by the membership.

The treasurer’s books shall be audited annually.  The board shall appoint someone to do this and report to the membership at the annual spring meeting.

The playing season will be weekly beginning with the first Thursday in April and ending the last Thursday in October.

The tournament chair has the authority to change the game scheduled for any Thursday.   Changes due to weather shall be made by the President, Vice President and Tournament Chair in consultation with one another.  If the weather (rain, frost or cold) or aeration dictates a change (for example, lift, clean and place) changes must be made and posted boldly prior to any member beginning her round.

The Ringer Competition shall begin the first week and run through the third Thursday in October. Ringer scores will only be recorded on Thursdays following our individual stroke play tournaments.  Ringer scores are not recorded if the game played involves team/group scores, such as a scramble.

Chip-in and birdie awards will start the first week and run through the third Thursday in October.

At the end of the season, the tournament chair will distribute award funds at the annual luncheon in accordance with the Point System for Awards. The dollar value of one point may vary year to year depending on the funds available in the treasury at the end of the season.

The awards luncheon/business meeting will be held the first Thursday in November. The time and location will be determined by the Vice President.

The President shall be authorized to sign checks in the event the Treasurer is unavailable to perform the duty.

The Treasurer shall carry over funds needed for the beginning of the next season.

The membership roster will be made available to the members via the web site as soon as possible.