Stroke Play

Expectation that a round of golf will be played in 4 ½ hours

Double par rule:

  • Pick up after reaching double par (6 strokes on par 3, 8 strokes on par 4, and 10 strokes on par 5, if not on the green).
  • Place your ball on the green one putter head inside the green in direct line to the hole from your original ball location.
  • Limit of 3 putts if under double par rule.

Play a provisional ball if there is a chance that a ball might be lost outside a hazard.

Play ready golf.

Riders – after your shot, get into the cart (holding your clubs), do not put clubs away until the NEXT stopping point.

Watch your ball and assist your partners in watching theirs.

One practice swing only.

Three minute search for lost ball.

Put away clubs and record scores at the next tee box.

Keep 2 balls in your pocket, marked differently at all times as well as 2 tees and a ball marker

Keep your cell phone turned off.

Click here to open a hole by hole guide to GWGA local rules.

You must count all whiffs.  Mulligans and gimmies are not allowed!